Donations Of Materials For Arts And Crafts

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Donations Of Materials For Arts And Crafts

Impact Arts

Impact Arts accept furniture in reasonable condition, along with wood, paint and any fabrics or materials for their arts projects. Please call them to arrange collection (no drop off).

T: 0131 661 9102

Whale Arts Centre

Whale Arts Centre are setting up a number of reuse projects and would welcome any donations of scrap materials such as the items listed below. Please contact them directly in the first instance (e.g no drop offs).

  • Eco Arts - workshops and installations; drinks cans, guttering, copper piping, art materials, wood, tiles, wallpaper, transparent plastic and beads, scrap metal/racking, broken speakers, fixtures and fittings, e.g. handles, doorknobs, nuts, bolts, screws, washers - in any condition
  • Textiles projects - Fabric, wool, thread, sewing tools, sewing machines, looms
  • Furniture - Furniture, upholstery fabrics, upholstery tools, palettes
  • Eco Build - Paving slabs, tyres, palettes, Double glazing units, sheet materials made from wood, plastic, and metal
  • Horticulture hub - Plants, turf, compost, seeds, gardening tools and materials

T: 0131 458 3267

Edinburgh Playbox

Are looking for donations of materials and loose parts to make recycled play equipment. Individuals, businesses and organisations can contribute materials that can be used by children through play or in craft projects. These might be off cuts, damaged or low quality goods. They are interested in non-hazardous items which may include:

Paper and card, pots, cardboard/plastic tubes, ribbon, material, old window displays items, mannequins, lids, foam, foil, Perspex, tyres, guttering, tubes ,paints, wool.

T: 0131 664 4922

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