Priority Services Register  

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The Priority Services Register is a free service which gives you extra support with your energy supply.

It’s there to help if you’re in a vulnerable situation.  

What help can I get from the Priority Services Register?  

Once you’re on the Priority Services Register you can get: 

  • Advance notice of power cuts 
  • Priority support in an emergency 
  • Help with prepayment meter access 
  • Someone to take meter readings for you 
  • Your energy bills supplied in braille or large print 
  • Your energy bills and letters sent to someone you trust – this might be a family member or carer, a password, or ID scheme to use when anyone from your energy supplier visits you – this means you can be sure they are who they say they are.  

Check out Ofgem’s website for the full list of support on offer.

Can I be added to the Priority Services Register?      

You can be added to the priority services register if you:

  • Are old enough to get the state pension
  • Have a disability or long-term medical condition
  • Have a hearing or sight condition
  • Are recovering from an injury. You can also ask to be added if you’ve just come home from hospital and need short-term help
  • Have a mental health condition
  • Are pregnant or have young children
  • Have extra communication needs. For example, you might find it hard to read or speak English
  • Have little or no sense of smell
  • Would find it difficult to answer the door or get help in an emergency

How to be added to the Priority Services Register

How you register depends on who your Distribution Network Operator is. This is different in different parts of the country.

If you live in Central or Southern Scotland

You can register for the priority service register by

If you live in Northern Scotland

You can register for the priority service register by:

If aren’t sure who your Distribution Network Operator is

If you aren’t sure which Distribution Network Operator covers your area you can check online by visiting:

Other free services

Some suppliers offer additional support services alongside the Priority Services Register. For example, you might be able to get a free gas safety check. This is usually carried out every 12 months.

You can get a free gas safety check if:

  • You get a means-tested benefit and 

Anyone in your home is:

  • Under five, or 
  • Old enough to get a state pension, or 
  • Disabled or chronically ill

To get a free gas safety check each year, speak to your gas supplier.

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