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EcoCosi from Changeworks: delivering home comfort with energy efficient retrofit.

How the retrofit service works

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EcoCosi​ from Changeworks is a new home improvement service for homeowners that delivers home comfort with energy efficient retrofit. The service is currently available in Edinburgh, before being rolled out across Scotland. 

As the experts in decarbonisation, Changeworks provides tailored advice and a quality service. We’ll be by your side, supporting your journey towards a cosier, more energy efficient home.

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Why make your home more energy efficient?

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Create a warm, cosy home

Making your home more energy-efficient can make your home warmer and drier.

Lower energy bills

A better insulated home can help lower energy bills, as your home will be heated more effectively.

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Tackle the climate emergency

13% of Scotland’s greenhouse gas emissions come from the home. If your home is better insulated, it’ll leak less carbon, which will help tackle the climate emergency.

The list of reasons to retrofit keeps on growing.

We’ve put together a series of articles exploring the benefits that home improvers are experiencing so far. As retrofitting continues to gain momentum, we’ll be keeping track of the positive outcomes an energy efficient home provides.

What we do

We help households to decarbonise their homes without the hassle. We’ll identify the best solution tailored to you and your home, providing technical advice and support. We’ll connect you with quality suppliers and oversee installations ensuring they are delivered to the highest standards. 

Our comprehensive service includes the creation of a whole house assessment looking at energy use and the condition of the building. We adopt a fabric-first approach, meaning we look at how to improve and upgrade insulation and ventilation as well as addressing repairs.

As part of reducing carbon emissions, we provide information, support and guidance on moving from traditional heating systems such as gas boilers to fossil-free systems that are better for the planet. 

With over 35 years of expertise in energy efficiency, we’ll support you throughout the process and help you to take the next step in making your home warmer, drier, and more affordable to heat.  


How the Retrofit service works

1. Engagement and assessment

  • A Changeworks technical Retrofit Assessor will visit your home to conduct a whole-house survey, finding out more about your home, current energy use and to talk through your retrofit needs and aspirations.
  • We’ll use the information to create a bespoke full house plan with recommendations of the upgrades to make your home more energy efficient and comfortable.

2. Planning and design

  • Our Retrofit Coordinator will take you through the plan, including recommendations for the most effective measures. They’ll agree an installation timeline that best suits you.
  • If needed, we can also help you to access financial support which can include signposting to find out if you are eligible for schemes, and identifying government grants or interest-free loans. 
  • Using our network of building professionals, we can support you with appointing quality contractors, including helping you with the completion of contract documents.

3. Transformation

  • We provide project management support and advice during the installation process. We’ll coordinate the retrofit measures with the contractors and oversee their work.
  • We’ll be on hand to manage any issues that may arise and will sign off work at completion ensuring installations are delivered to the highest standards.  

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How we can help

We offer a range energy efficiency advice to help you take the first step to decarbonise your home.