Compensation from your energy supplier

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There are certain rules which energy suppliers must follow. If they don’t follow these rules, then they need to pay compensation. For example, if your supplier misses an appointment with you, they should offer £30 compensation.

£30 is the standard amount a supplier should pay if they break a rule. Additionally, if compensation isn’t paid within ten working days, then an extra £30 compensation should be offered.

We’ve summarised the rules that your supplier should be following below. For more information, you can visit Ofgem’s website. Ofgem regulate the energy industry and write the rules.

Compensation for missed appointments

If your energy supplier misses an appointment with you, they should pay you £30 compensation.

There are also a number of other rules for appointments:

  • The appointment must be offered within a reasonable timeframe
  • The appointment window should not be more than four hours. For example, your supplier can say they’ll visit you sometime between 12:00 and 16:00. They cannot say they will visit you sometime between 12:00 and 17:00
  • A two-hour appointment window should be offered if requested
  • Your supplier can’t rearrange an appointment at less than a day’s notice unless you agree to this

Compensation for credit meter issues

If you report a problem with your credit (non-pre-payment) meter your supplier should:

  • Carry out an assessment of the meter within five working days
  • Work out what the problem is and explain how they’ll fix it
  • Offer to give you the explanation of the fault and the next steps in writing

Compensation for pre-payment meter issues

If your pre-payment meter has credit but isn’t supplying energy to your home, then you should contact your energy supplier. Once you’ve reported the problem, your supplier should:

  • Visit you within three hours of contact if it’s a working day
  • Visit you within four hours of contact if it’s a non-working day

If your pre-payment meter is faulty but you’re not off supply, your supplier should:

  • Take action to confirm if the meter is faulty, or resolve the fault
  • The time-frame for this is the same as above

Compensation for late reconnection

If you’re in debt and your supplier has disconnected you, check out our I can’t afford my energy costs guide for help. Once you’ve paid the debt or set up a repayment plan, you supplier must:

  • Reconnect your supply within 24 hours (or one working day)

Compensation for switching supplier issues

If you’re changing energy supplier, then there are certain rules your old and new supplier must follow:

  • If the switch isn’t completed within 15 days, then your new supplier should pay compensation
  • If you are switched by mistake, then your new supplier should pay compensation
  • If you don’t get your final bill within six weeks of a switch, then your old supplier should pay compensation

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