Advisor saves over £2,000 for householder with energy debt

David is retired and lives alone and found his heating bills were increasing and wanted to switch to direct debit. When he contacted his energy supplier, he was shocked to be told he had a debt of £1,000, as this was not shown on his electricity meter.

The stress of this event affected his physical and mental health as well as his confidence in using his heating and keeping warm.

Client advocacy

Our Affordable Warmth Services Advisor talked through with David his billing and usage history to build a bigger picture. From this it emerged that David was in fact very energy efficient and had been meeting his electricity payments.

After gathering evidence, the advisor contacted the supplier on his behalf to investigate and resolve the unexplained debt. After a lengthy period of advocacy, the debt was finally confirmed as inaccurate and cleared from David’s account.

Healthy outcomes

Due to the excessive time taken, as well as the stress and negative health impacts this case caused David, the advisor advocated for compensation from his energy supplier which David was then awarded as a goodwill gesture. Overall, our team saved him £2,242.

David said: “You have worked wonders for me. Thank you very much for everything you’ve done.”

Our Affordable Warmth Service

Changeworks’ Affordable Warmth Service Advisors can support you in keeping your home warm and easier to heat. Our friendly team can give you advice on reducing your heating and electricity costs, help you apply for emergency funds, or even speak to your gas or electricity supplier on your behalf.

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