Changeworks calls on UK Government to focus on renewables for energy security

Changeworks is calling on the UK Government to focus on renewable energy sources for energy security, rather than relying on gas and oil. 

This follows the funding announcement from Prime Minster Rishi Sunak for a carbon capture project in north east Scotland, as well as the green-lighting of 100 new North Sea oil and gas licenses.  

It is disappointing and concerning to see these licenses granted, and poses serious questions about the UK Government’s climate change commitments. Furthermore, while Changeworks supports the investment in new technologies that can help the UK move towards net zero, there needs to be a move away from a reliance on fossil fuels. 

Carbon capture can help form part of tackling the climate emergency, but the focus must remain on investing in technologies and schemes that will help in reducing carbon emissions in places like the home. 

Changeworks’ Chief Executive, Josiah Lockhart, commented: “We need to invest in new technology that will help us reach net zero, but this investment must support and accelerate renewable solutions.   

“A full commitment to accelerating renewable and low carbon energy sources will make the biggest impact as we continue to fight the climate emergency.” 

He added: “At Changeworks we know first-hand the impact renewable technologies can have in lowering carbon emissions from homes.” 

Only 11% of Scottish households use a renewable or low carbon heating system. If Scotland is to meet its 2045 net zero target (the UK target is 2050), then one million homes must convert to zero emission heating systems by 2030. 

In Scotland, the technology is already available to make the necessary improvements to decarbonise homes through improved energy efficiency measures and the electrification of heat. 

Changeworks is focused on maximising its impact by developing innovative solutions to accelerate the decarbonise Scotland’s homes, but we need the Government to take stronger action to move away from gas and oil and invest in renewables if we are to meet net zero.