Affordable Warmth Service helps new tenant resolve energy bills

Sam had recently started renting his own home for the first time. After a few months, there were some issues with the gas and electricity in his home.

He received an unresolved bill from one energy supplier and notice of a small debt with another. This was distressing as he was anxious about getting into debt – he is on universal credit and carefully manages his money each month.

Getting to the bottom of it

Our Affordable Warmth Advisor talked through the issues with Sam, then he decided he wanted us to communicate with the old suppliers on his behalf. Within a week of our efforts, Sam received a new revised bill for a lower amount resulting in reduced debt.

A sustainable way forward

The next stage was to make the billing manageable for the future. The advisor and Sam phoned the supplier together and arranged an affordable payment plan he was comfortable with. The advisor also worked with Sam to ensure he had good energy efficient behaviours to further reduce his energy bills.

Sam was relieved to having the billing issues resolved and a plan to make the future more certain. Because of this he felt empowered and had the confidence to use his heating system efficiently and save energy. Overall, our advisor helped him save over £200.

How we can help you

Changeworks’ Affordable Warmth Service Advisors can support you in keeping your home warm and easier to heat. Our friendly team can give you advice on reducing your heating and electricity costs, help you apply for emergency funds, or even speak to your gas or electricity supplier on your behalf.

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