Plug-in heater out, heat pump in for Borders couple

When Susan Ramage and her husband first heard about funding for upgrading homes in their area, they didn’t think they’d be eligible. Luckily, they applied anyway, and were pleasantly surprised by the outcome.  

The couple received an air source heat pump and cavity wall insulation for free, as part of an Energy Efficient Scotland: Area Based Scheme. 

Susan and her husband received a letter from Changeworks, advising them that a funded project was taking place in the Scottish Borders.  

Susan had seen other households receive air source heat pumps, but her husband was skeptical that their home could be included in the project. They decided to register their interest anyway, and were very glad that they did.  

“I estimate our electricity cost has gone down by almost half.”

As well as the air source heat pump which Susan had been interested in, the couple also received free replacement cavity wall insulation. This made sure that their home was sufficiently well-insulated to benefit fully from their new heating system. 

Susan and her husband are delighted with their new system, which replaced an immersion heater and plug-in heaters.  

Although the installation works were quite disruptive for two days, Susan and her husband had been told in detail beforehand what to expect, so this didn’t come as a shock. Also, a lot of care was taken to make sure that the home was fully restored once the new system was in place. 

Susan says: “We are delighted with our new heating system, as we now have a constant supply of hot water, the house is comfortably warm and I estimate our electricity cost has gone down by almost half.”

“Overall, we are so happy that we had this work done, would definitely recommend to anyone.”

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