Changeworks alarmed by Prime Minister’s plans to scrap net zero measures

Changeworks is alarmed by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s announcement that the UK Government is planning to scrap measures to meet net zero targets and relinquish its position as a global leader.

Climate change is the most significant threat to the environment and our way of life. There is no time to delay if the UK is to meet its 2050 net zero target.

We are especially concerned by the weakening of policies designed to accelerate an increase in the energy efficiency of our homes, thereby lowering bills and carbon emissions.

Scotland has some of the least energy-efficient homes in Europe, accounting for 13% of carbon emissions. The UK already has the technologies and solutions in place to decarbonise homes and help us towards net zero. However, currently, only 11% of Scottish households use a renewable or low carbon heating system, and we call on the Scottish Government to retain its ambition despite the actions of UK Government.

A low carbon society must be a just one, tackling fuel poverty and inequalities. Decarbonising and improving the energy efficiency of Scotland’s homes, as well as the electrification of heat, are key to lowering carbon emissions, alleviating fuel poverty and meeting net zero targets.

If the UK and Scotland are to meet net zero targets, the environmental and housing sector requires investment in people and training. By changing climate policy and targets, the UK Government is creating unnecessary uncertainly which will harm that investment.

Changeworks is a leader in the home decarbonisation sector and is focussing on decarbonising Scotland’s homes to tackle the climate emergency.

Josiah Lockhart, Changeworks’ Chief Executive, commented: “By scrapping net zero target activities, the Prime Minister is delaying action that’s urgently needed. There is an accelerating climate emergency and more people than ever in fuel poverty in Scotland. What the Prime Minister is proposing will not bring down household energy bills.

“The Prime Minister’s announcement means we’ll all have to make further cuts in emissions at a far quicker pace in the future to meet the UK’s 2050 net zero target. 

“We cannot afford further delay in putting legislation in place to achieve net zero.” 


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