A lifeline to people in need

Mandy*, a single parent living in East Lothian, had serious energy debts and couldn’t access support she was entitled to. Mandy was also unemployed for the first time.

She hadn’t received her fuel entitlement vouchers for months and was struggling to manage her debt payments. The financial pressure was impacting Mandy’s physical and mental health, which deteriorated until she suffered a mental health crisis.

Relieving the pressure

Mandy was referred to the Affordable Warmth team by her local Citizens Advice Bureau.

Our Advisor arranged immediate support to relieve some of the pressure, helping Mandy to access support she was eligible for. He was able to get different vouchers sent, and after speaking to her supplier arranged a reduced weekly payment toward her energy debt.

Tailored support

At a home visit, our Advisor showed Mandy what she could do to improve the energy efficiency of her home, and arranged for a new, more energy efficient fridge to be delivered.

Mandy said: “They showed me that I don’t have to embarrassed to ask for help. And all these wee tips can make a big difference. I couldn’t be more grateful.”

The Advisor who supported Mandy explained: “I’m glad that we were able to support Mandy through a difficult period in her life. We’ve seen more calls like Mandy’s come through over the past year with complex needs. It’s important that services like ours are on hand to guide them through.”

Making support possible

We can offer support to vulnerable householders through funders like East Lothian Council, who we partnered with to support all residents of East Lothian giving them access to tailored energy advice.

Through our service:

  • 288 households were supported and engaged
  • over £54,000 savings were achieved through energy advice and advocacy

After a successful partnership, East Lothian Council are expanding their work with us.

“Changeworks’ expert advice and support have helped hundreds of households to save money on their bills and to make informed decisions about energy use. The team have seen an increase in residents seeking advice as a result of the cost-of-living crisis and rocketing energy prices but have continued to perform extremely well to achieve real positive impacts, including significant financial savings. For residents like Mandy, this support is invaluable.” Wendy McGuire, Head of Housing, East Lothian Council

*Name has been changed for anonymity

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