Changeworks is committed to helping individuals, organisations and businesses across Scotland to live a low carbon life.

As part of that, we have to be an exemplar in everything that we do. That’s why, every year, we measure our impact. That includes looking at how much carbon we’ve used, and how much we’ve removed through our work.

The results are pretty astonishing. For every tonne of carbon that Changeworks used, we removed 1,158 tonnes. That’s a total of 191,800 tonnes of carbon, equal to the emissions produced by 22,500 people in a single year.

Internally, we’ve done things like transforming our fleet of vehicles to include electric vehicles, and helped our Inverness office join our Edinburgh base in being powered from renewable sources. More of our sites are on that journey too!

Of course that’s on top of the work we do with partners and funders to cut carbon, tackle fuel poverty and prevent waste. Through our work to help people keep their homes warmer and easier to heat, we’ve achieved a £21 million lifetime saving on their bills.

We’re so proud of how we’ve done this year, we’ve produced a short animation to shout about it a little bit more.