Changeworks has produced a series of factsheets to help people living in tenements to save energy, save money and stay warm.

Your guide to energy efficiency in tenements consists of seven factsheets which take the householder through improvements they can make in their home. The guide was commissioned by Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) following Changeworks research on Energy efficiency in tenements. Changeworks’ research highlighted a lack of easy-to-understand and accurate energy efficiency information related specifically to traditional tenements.

Traditional stone tenements are very common in urban areas in Scotland. They are hard-to-treat and may not be suitable for some standard energy efficiency measures; however there is considerable scope for cost effective improvements.

Kate Morrison, Policy Officer at Citizens Advice Scotland said, “We are extremely happy with the resource that Changeworks has produced and think that the factsheets are an excellent tool for consumers looking to make their tenement warmer. We chose Changeworks for this project as they are experts in the field of energy efficiency and we wanted the factsheets to build upon a previous guide they had produced.”

Your guide to energy efficiency in tenements provides a comprehensive overview of how householders can save energy and keep warm in their tenement flat. The seven factsheets cover a range of topics such as lighting, insulation, heating and windows and provide advice on both quick and easy improvements, as well as higher cost measures householders can make. Additional information, such as available funding and finding an installer, is also given.

The factsheets can be found online as a pack or individually:

Your Guide to Energy Efficiency in Tenements: Save Energy, Save Money and Stay WarmYour guide to energy efficiency in tenements (factsheets pack)
Factsheet 1: Getting started
Factsheet 2: Reducing heat loss from your windows and doors
Factsheet 3: Keeping out draughts
Factsheet 4: Insulating your tenement
Factsheet 5: Your heating system
Factsheet 6: Using your heating controls and saving energy on hot water
Factsheet 7: Saving electricity 

Printed versions will be available from certain local Citizens Advice Bureaux. If anyone is interested in distributing this publication amongst homeowners then contact Kate Morrison at CAS.