Local volunteers working with Changeworks and Zero Waste Scotland are calling on more households in Edinburgh and the Lothians to give composting a go this autumn.

Zero Waste Scotland, the organisation set up by the Scottish Government to deliver the Zero Waste Plan, reports that over a third of Scottish residents are already composting at home. This is fantastic, but around 95 per cent of households have some outside space and could give composting a go. Changeworks Zero Waste Volunteers are now encouraging local residents to find out more about composting, to help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill and to use as a source of nutritious food for gardens. 

Evelyn Mitchell, Zero Waste Scotland’s local Volunteer Co-ordinator at Changeworks, said:  “Autumn brings an excess of brown leaves which collect in our gardens and outdoor spaces.  This dry material makes a perfect addition to a compost bin as it can help dry out the wetter materials which go into the bin over summer.  For really good compost you need a 50/50 mix of ‘green’ materials like grass cuttings and fruit and vegetable peelings, and ‘brown’ materials like autumn leaves and scrunched up or shredded paper and cardboard.  It’s really very easy to do and compost bins are available from garden centres and via the internet in a variety of sizes so even those with the smallest of gardens can get involved. Reducing the amount of organic waste sent to landfill prevents the emission of greenhouse gases.  It’s better for the planet and provides great, free compost for our plants".

For ideas on how to get composting, visit How to compost at home or phone 0131 555 4010.