So. I swaggered over to my fuel efficient driving lesson confident in the knowledge that, as a red blooded male driver, I would be assured of improving a bit on my already excellent and impressive fuel efficient driving. They might be able to teach me a few things, but basically I would be okay.

Then the lesson began. It was straightforward enough, a short drive around Leith on familiar roads. There were three aspects the instructor focused on in my driving: using the gears, being a bit lighter on the accelerator and reading the road ahead to minimise stopping and starting. I especially loved the reading the road ahead so you keep your flow, it made such sense. It also has a real benefit in safety and reminded me of how you ride a motorbike.

 So how did I do? Well I started at 45 mpg first time around and by the end was up to 55 mpg. That’s a massive 22% improvement. What’s more you don’t get slower as you drive more efficiently, but you do get much smoother.

Conclusion: (1) fuel efficient driving is great (2) we can make really big savings (3) Changeworks is going to provide more fuel efficient driving lessons to staff as travel and diesel use is a big part of our carbon footprint.

To find out about fuel efficient driving training sessions in your area 'phone 0800 512 012. And let us know how you get on.

 - Daniel