Fuel poverty services

The Scottish Government says: “a household is in fuel poverty if, in order to maintain a satisfactory heating regime, total fuel costs necessary for the home are more than 10% of the household’s adjusted net income (after housing costs), and if after deducting fuel costs, benefits received for a care need or disability and childcare costs, the household’s remaining adjusted net income is insufficient to maintain an acceptable standard of living.”

It is estimated that around 619,000 households in Scotland are in fuel poverty. The people most likely to be affected are disabled people, older people, people on a low income, young families, lone parents and people with health issues. Fuel poverty is linked to increased risk of debt, ill health and social isolation. It may also affect a child’s education, if they are off sick more often or don’t have anywhere warm to study at home.

We work with local authorities, housing associations, voluntary sector organisations and health professionals to prevent and alleviate fuel poverty by helping householders to heat their homes more affordably.

We do this by:

  • Forming partnerships with organisations who deliver complementary services to provide householders with integrated support
  • Training local authority, housing association and health professionals to identify people at risk of fuel poverty to enable timely intervention, including referral to our Energy Advisors
  • Training and supervising volunteers to deliver a basic level of energy advice to a wider local audience
  • Providing in-depth advice at information surgeries which support people in crisis situations and coaching them to avoid reoccurrence
  • Helping local authorities and housing associations to advise their tenants on the implications of introducing new heating systems.

In 2015 we joined forces with Energy Saving Trust and Everwarm to set up Warmworks Scotland , which delivers Warmer Homes Scotland, the national fuel poverty scheme funded by the Scottish Government.

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