What is retrofit?

Retrofit means improving the energy efficiency of your home by fitting renewable or energy efficient technology to make it easier and cheaper to heat.

House surrounded by scaffolding having insulation fitted

Unless your home is fairly new, it’s likely to have been built at a time when little attention was given to energy efficiency. As a result, you might find that your property is difficult to heat in winter. If so, your energy bills will probably be quite high. 

To beat cold homes and high bills, more and more people are making home improvements which lower their energy consumption. For instance, you might insulate your loft, upgrade your double-glazed windows to triple glazing, or install an air source heat pump. 

Actions like these are examples of retrofitting. Essentially, you’re making changes to your home to increase its energy efficiency, whilst at the same time improving its comfort. 

Not only can retrofitting help bring down the cost of your energy bills and create a more comfortable place to live, but it also plays a vital part in tackling the climate emergency. 

Why make your home more energy efficient?

Graphic depicting a warm and cosy home

Create a warm, cosy home

Making your home more energy-efficient can make your home warmer and drier.

Lower energy bills

A better insulated home can help lower energy bills, as your home will be heated more effectively.

A graphic of the Earth. Two continents can be seen.

Tackle the climate emergency

13% of Scotland’s greenhouse gas emissions come from the home. If your home is better insulated, it’ll leak less carbon, which will help tackle the climate emergency.

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