Energy masterplanning support

The Scottish Government named energy efficiency of domestic and non-domestic buildings as a national infrastructure priority in 2015. Effective targeting of low carbon heat, energy efficiency and behaviour change programmes is critical if Scotland is to reduce its carbon emissions in line with targets.

We offer local authorities, policy makers, campaigners and community groups a data driven, holistic approach to designing energy strategy and masterplanning.

In practical terms, this means we can help when it comes to identifying:

  •  High energy users
  •  Opportunities for low carbon technologies
  •  Opportunities for energy efficiency measures
  •  Insights and interventions for low carbon behaviours.

This can be on a local, area based or national scale.

We use real and modelled data to provide a comprehensive, accurate picture which illustrates real energy use. This analysis enables our clients to target high energy users, understand energy use patterns, plan programmes and inform public engagement campaigns.

The example below shows annual real gas use at a postcode level, using consumption data published by BEIS (Department of Business, Industrial and Energy Strategy) which we’ve used to create an interactive map. You can zoom and pan around the map to see usage data across Scotland and to postcode level.

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We can tailor support for your Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategies (LHEES) and general energy masterplanning.

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