Heat pump: “If you get the chance of getting help installing it, then go for it.”

Mr and Mrs Scott rent their home in in the Scottish Borders.

Through an energy efficiency project, their landlord received grant funding to install an air source heat pump in the property. The project was delivered by Warmworks, in partnership with Changeworks.

Both landlord and tenants wanted to go ahead with the heat pump as they were keen to “do their bit for their environment”. 

The installation process

As well as a heat pump, the project included new radiators and new pipes so that the system would run efficiently.

The installation was carried out during the COVID 19 pandemic, which caused some logistical issues. Whilst some upheaval is necessary on any home renovation, the challenges posed by the pandemic meant that the disruption was greater than usual, with Mr and Mrs Scott having to stay out of the house for extended periods of time. There were also some snagging issues, which the installers had to resolve. 

‘This was definitely the most challenging part of the process,’ Mrs Scott said. 

Living with a heat pump

Despite these initial difficulties, both Mr and Mrs Scott are pleased with how much cleaner their heating is than their previous gas central heating. They are particularly happy with the new radiators. They also feel safer now that their home doesn’t rely on gas. 

Since it is operated differently to gas central heating, the air source heat pump took a little getting used to. Mrs Scott explained that neither she nor her husband are very “tech savvy” and that there were a few teething problems before they got used to their new heating system. However, she is happy to report that everything has now settled down and her home is comfortably heated. This is especially important for her husband, who has health issues which require a warm environment. 

Asked whether she would recommend the government scheme and heat pump technology, Mrs Scott said: 

‘Get as much info as you can on the scheme and how it works. Visit someone that has it. If you get the chance of getting help installing it, then go for it. It is the way forward.’