No energy costs for seven months… and counting

Phil and Jane recently received government funding to install an air source heat pump and insulation in their semi-detached bungalow. This hasn’t just lowered their energy costs – it’s gotten rid of them completely.

Phil and Jane live in east Fife. They heard about a Scottish Government funded energy efficiency scheme through social media and decided to apply. Initially, they wanted to reduce the environmental impact of their home by switching away from an oil boiler. They were also hoping to lower their energy costs and improve comfort levels.

The Energy Efficient Scotland: Area Based Scheme offered an air source heat pump, cavity wall insulation, and underfloor insulation. Grant funding meant that the scheme was heavily subsidised, lowering the cost from around £8,000 to £100. This came as both a surprise and a relief. As Phil and Jane said:

“We expected a greater cost. We only went ahead because of the subsidy, otherwise we could not have afforded it.”

The installation of the heat pump and insulation went smoothly. The householders had expected more upheaval but were impressed by the efficiency of the work. The contractors themselves were very professional, polite and helpful throughout.

Phil and Jane already had solar panels on their property, allowing them to generate their own electricity. Along with their new efficient heating system and well insulated walls and floors, they’ve noticed a difference in their energy costs:

“We’ve had no energy costs since March (2023)”, Phil explains.

The efficiency of their heat pump, coupled with the insulation, should help to keep their bills lower throughout the approaching winter. They can also look forward to a warmer home.

For anyone thinking of signing up for Energy Efficient Scotland: Area Based Schemes, Phil and Jane advise:

“Do it. It worked for us.”