Changeworks and our team of volunteers are working with residents, community groups, schools and businesses in Leith to inspire and enable them to create a ‘clean and vibrant place where nothing is wasted’. Zero Waste Leith builds on activities already happening in the area to help the community reduce litter, flytipping and food waste, and inspire more recycling, repair and reuse. Plans to achieve these aims were developed following consultation with the community in March 2017. 

Zero Waste Leith is a Changeworks project funded by Zero Waste Scotland, Changeworks and the European Regional Development Fund until March 2020. It aims to create a long lasting legacy of zero waste in Leith and to develop approaches that will help other parts of Scotland achieve Scotland’s Zero Waste Plan.  

Visit the Zero Waste Leith website, follow the latest developments on the Zero Waste Leith Facebook page, read our initial press releaseor contact the team for more information. 

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