Pre and post installation support

If you’re thinking about changing the heating systems for your tenants, we can help to ensure that they get the most out of them.

  • Free, impartial advice
  • Experts in energy efficiency
  • Trusted by households across Scotland
  • In the financial year 22/23:
  • 4,400
    Insulation measures installed
  • £4.06 million
    Savings made for householders
  • 370,000 tonnes
    Lifetime carbon savings
  • 37

    Partnership schemes

Heating systems can be complex for many householders. If you’re thinking about changing these for your tenants and residents, we can help to ensure that they get the most out of their new systems by providing information, support and advice to get them up to speed quickly. This will ensure they are ready to maximise the efficiency and cost of their energy. 

On top of this, Changeworks can offer tailored advice materials, deliver webinars, and hold community events to engage and inform householders and provide a wider understanding of how to make their home as energy efficient as possible. 

With over three decades of experience to draw from, Changeworks is well placed to support householders before, during and after the install of energy efficiency measures, heating systems and energy systems such as Air Source Heat Pumps and Solar PV panels. 

Pre-install support can be provided to ensure householders understand their new system and are aware of any pre-install actions required, such as reviewing the suitability of their electricity meter and/or tariff.  

Post-install support can then be carried out so that householders know how best to maximise the benefits of their new system. This can include monitoring and evaluation to understand the impact of new measures and the benefits to householders, such as the savings on energy bills. 

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Free, impartial advice

We understand that decisions around your home can be overwhelming. That’s why you can turn to our impartial experts for an experienced voice.

Experts in energy efficiency

We have over 35 years’ experience helping households make changes for a warmer home. Our experts find the solutions that are right for you.

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Trusted by households across Scotland

We’ve helped people from all corners of Scotland save on their energy bills, reduce heat loss and supported them to live more comfortably.