Innovative home service launched to keep your home warmer, cosier, and make it greener

Changeworks, Scotland’s leading environmental charity, is launching a new innovative service that will support homeowners to make their home more energy efficient.

EcoCosi from Changeworks is a comprehensive service that provides tailored solutions, advice, and end to end support to households through the process of retrofitting their home.  

Scotland has some of the leakiest and most inefficient homes in Europe, with 13% of Scotland’s greenhouse gas emissions coming from energy use in the home. Not only does this mean Scottish homes have a big impact on the environment, but an inefficient home is harder to heat and can be expensive to keep warm and cosy.

For Scotland to reach net zero, an estimated 1.5 million privately owned Scottish homes will need to undergo a retrofit process to use less energy.

Retrofitting means making improvements to a home so it runs more efficiently. Examples include adding insulation, switching from a gas boiler to a heat pump, and installing solar panels.  

Making these changes can create a warmer and cosier home that is more cost effective to run. However, without proper support, the process of decarbonising a house can be very daunting for homeowners. There’s research required, as well as juggling lots of different installers and contractors to make sure it all runs smoothly.

Changeworks’ new retrofit agency aims to make this process much smoother by providing end-to-end support, so that house owners can decarbonise their homes without the hassle. The service has initially launched in Edinburgh before rolling out across Scotland. 

Firstly, a retrofit assessor will carry out a whole-house assessment to find out more about the home and its current energy use. This information is then compiled to create a bespoke home report for the homeowner. Secondly, a retrofit coordinator will guide the householder through the recommended energy efficiency upgrades to work out the best solutions and decide upon an installation timeline. Thirdly, the work itself begins, with contractors arriving on site.  

EcoCosi also offers peace of mind for people along their installation journey. All installers are recruited from EcoCosi’s vetted contractor network. Project management support is provided throughout, and work is reviewed afterwards to ensure it is completed to a high standard.  

Sam Cribb, Retrofit Strategic Development Manager, at Changeworks said:

“Changeworks has many years of skills and experience managing retrofit projects for thousands of homes across Scotland. Now, with EcoCosi, we’re bringing that expertise to a wider market to support homeowners wanting to make energy efficiency improvements to their home. Retrofit can be a confusing and overwhelming process. That’s where EcoCosi comes in, helping to decarbonise homes without the hassle.” 

Householders who are interested in the service across Scotland can register their interest online.