Changeworks calls for more progressive environmental policy from UK Government

Following Monday’s King’s Speech, Changeworks is gravely concerned by the UK Government’s repeated failure to understand the devastating impact scrapping the UK’s net zero targets will have on households and the planet. 

Changeworks calls for more progressive environmental policy, notable by its absence from the King’s Speech. It is alarming to see that Westminster is still committed to relinquishing its position as a global leader on climate change. 

Tackling the climate emergency requires strong leadership and ambition. Climate change is the most significant threat to the environment and our way of life. There is no time to delay if the UK is to meet its 2050 net zero target.  

The Government’s apparent commitment to the weakening of policies designed to meet net zero targets is a dereliction of duty. We need policies to enable improving the energy efficiency of our homes, thereby lowering bills and carbon emissions.

The recent scrapping of policies will have a devastating impact on householders already struggling with high energy bills and condemn more people to fuel poverty. 

A low carbon society must be a just one. Decarbonising and improving the energy efficiency of Scotland’s and the UK’s homes, as well as the electrification of heat, are key to lowering carbon emissions, alleviating fuel poverty and meeting net zero targets. 

By committing to the annual awarding of new oil and gas licenses in the North Sea via the Offshore Petroleum Licensing Bill, the Government is actively undermining this work.  

Changeworks is a leader in the home decarbonisation sector and is focussing on decarbonising Scotland’s homes to tackle the climate emergency. 

Josiah Lockhart, Changeworks’ Chief Executive commented:

“Though we are sadly not surprised by the lack of urgent action in Monday’s speech, the UK Government stepping back from commitments to meet net zero targets should be of huge concern to households across the country. 

“Household energy bills and carbon emissions from homes will remain high until homes in Scotland and the rest of the UK are retrofitted with energy efficient measures, and until the UK stops relying on gas and oil and instead focusses on the electrification of heat. 

“There can be no more delays when it comes to putting into place legislation to achieve net zero.” 

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