Phase 2: Legal Framework & Pre-vetted Installer Network

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Contracts and trusted installers

Your appointed Retrofit Coordinator will hold a consultation session with you to discuss the Whole House Plan. They will then work with you to create the final plan for your retrofit measures and help organise a timeline of installations that works for you.

We will consider your budget, timeline, aspirations, and other personal factors. You may choose to spread out measures to help manage costs and disruptions.

Project Management Support Contract

The next step is to the Project Management Support contract. This contract will lay out all the necessary details of your project, including estimated pricing and associated fees, the schedule of services, and the terms and conditions.

Coordination of additional professional design inputs

Your appointed Retrofit Coordinator will organise additional professionals to the project as and when required. This could be to support a particular survey or design requirement, as dictated by the technical challenges presented by your project. Examples include: Architects, Historic Building Consultants, Damp Specialists, etc.

Your Retrofit Coordinator will review any specialist reports and incorporate this information within the specification for contractors. Not all projects will require additional input.

Appointing contractors

Contractors from within the EcoCosi supplier network

EcoCosi can connect you with suitably qualified and experienced design and installation contractors from the Changeworks network of pre-vetted, trusted contractors.

Your appointed Retrofit Coordinator will provide you with a list of the most appropriate contractors for the retrofit measures that you have selected. They will provide marketing and due diligence information to assist you in deciding which contractors you would like to quote for works.

We have identified and vetted our contractors, meaning you don’t have to. We have conducted due diligence to ensure they hold relevant quality assurance status and possess the required certifications and appropriate level of experience for retrofit.

Our contractors also must adhere to our contractor code of conduct, creating a legal framework around your installation to protect your rights and preserve the quality of works.

Please note that if at any point during your retrofit project EcoCosi is unable to help, we will endeavour to signpost you to alternative support through our network of building specialists.

Contractors from outside of the EcoCosi supplier network

If you would like to engage an alternative contractor that is not within the Changeworks trusted network, we can provide a due diligence checklist for the contractor to complete and a master contract that you can present to the contractor. This has been prepared by our lawyers and is designed to protect your rights and safeguard quality of works.