EcoCosi Home Retrofit Service: What’s next?

Supporting your journey to a cosier, more energy efficient home.

Contractor setting up an air source heat pump

EcoCosi from Changeworks delivers home comfort with energy efficient retrofit.

We offer an end-to-end service that takes a whole-house, fabric-first approach to ensure that your retrofit is as efficient and comprehensive as possible. As experts in decarbonisation, we’ll be by your side, supporting your journey towards a cosier, more energy efficient home.

We do this in three phases:

  • Phase 1 – Home Assessment & Whole House Plan: Assess the house and determine a bespoke plan for achieving results.
  • Phase 2 – Legal Framework and Installer Network: Provide a legal contract framework and access to our network of pre-vetted installers.
  • Phase 3 – Project Management Support Services: A quality assurance inspection service to ensure measures meet quality standards and are installed and commissioned correctly.

Home Assessment & Whole House Plan

This is the stage you are currently at – congratulations on taking the first step to a cosier more energy efficient home.

Now that you have received your completed Whole House Plan, it is time to decide on the next steps for your retrofit. Our EcoCosi team can help you make this decision, offering support in understanding your Plan and sharing our recommendations for your home.

When you decide to go ahead with retrofit works, the EcoCosi service is here to help you move forwards with your project. These web pages explain exactly how.

Legal Framework and Installer Network

The next step will be to prepare for installations. We have developed contracts to create a legal framework around your installation which holds your installer to an agreed set of principles.

We provide a due diligence checklist for the contractor to complete and a master contract that you can present to the contractor. This has been written by our lawyers and is designed to protect your rights and ensure quality of works.

We agree together upon the final plan of retrofit measures for your project, including the works package, estimated timeline and budget considerations.  If you decide to go it alone, you can pay for the legal framework (£300 incl. VAT) and we will help assign you to the relevant installers to undertake the works from our trusted supplier network.

If you want to keep our involvement in your project, then we will sign the Project Management Support Contract together and provide management and support throughout the installation process.

Project Management Support Services

It’s time to get started on the physical retrofit works. EcoCosi will provide project management, coordinating contractors, offering on-hand technical advice and support complaints resolution for any issues that  you are unable to resolve between you and the contractor.

The sections below take you through all the elements of the service and the value proposition for each. Pricing for these services can be found at the end of this document, but typically project management and contract fees run at 10% of final invoiced costs from the installer plus VAT.