Case studies

We’ve delivered great results for our clients, funders, partners and householders. Our case studies explain how.

Flyspotting campaign leads to lasting changes in Leith

Zero Waste Scotland, European Regional Development Fund

In 2017 Zero Waste Scotland invited aspiring ‘zero waste towns’ to step forward and create change that would also inspire other communities in Scotland to take action, with funding in part from the European Regional Development Fund. Changeworks,...

A new Leith of life for unwanted furniture

Zero Waste Scotland, European Regional Development Fund

Changeworks was awarded funding in 2017 from Zero Waste Scotland with support from the European Regional Development Fund to create Zero Waste Leith, a community-based project looking to inspire zero waste action in

Warming your older home in Burntisland

Mr and Mrs Naumann found that the sash and case windows in their traditional Victorian semi-detached home were letting in a lot of cold air.

Ditching Disposables: Portobello and Joppa consultation

Zero Waste Scotland

Changeworks was awarded funding from Zero Waste Scotland to conduct a feasability study into a future community project 

Switching and saving in Burntisland

Mrs T in Burntisland had been with her current energy provider for as long as she could remember. She felt that the service she had received had been good so she was inclined to stick with them, but she was also unsure of how to go about switching...

Inspiring pupils to be better energy savers

Scottish Government

Through Changeworks’ low carbon communities work in Argyll piloting new approaches to improv

Climate Emergency Response Group

The Climate Emergency Response Group (CERG) is a collection of like-minded leaders spanning Scotland’s private, public and third sectors, delivery organisations and membership bodies.

Edinburgh internal wall Insulation project a “positive experience”

Edinburgh Council, Scottish Government, Home Energy Scotland

Mike from Edinburgh was worried about his high energy bills. His flat was very cold unless the heating was on, and in the winter, he was having to use fan heaters as well as his usual electric heaters, which further increased the amount he was...

“No downside” to internal wall insulation

Scottish Government, Scottish Borders Council, Home Energy Scotland

After downsizing from a modern home Kathleen from Peebles was finding her 160-year-old garden flat unbearably cold.

Thinking about getting external wall insulation? Go for it!

Scottish Government, Scottish Borders Council, Home Energy Scotland

Borders homeowners save money on heating with subsidised external wall insulation