Changeworks delivered Change Works in Penicuik from October 2018 to March 2020, a community-based support service to help local people in Penicuik improve the energy efficiency of their homes and businesses under the Energy Efficient Scotland programme.

An all-around service

The project represented an opportunity to take a holistic approach to engaging Penicuik’s householders and businesses in a meaningful way. Changeworks and Midlothian Council, partnered with Home Energy Scotland and Resource Efficient Scotland, developed a strong community engagement and outreach team to run community events, specialist talks and learning activities promoting energy efficiency in the home. The approach encouraged positive low carbon behaviour changes and the installation of energy efficiency measures such as insulation, draught-proofing, renewables and wider overarching development plans for businesses.

The project helped householders like Mr C, who received support in upgrading the fabric of his detached home and was thankful to the team’s response to help him process the large amount of information with skill and courtesy. He ended up installing cavity wall insulation and immediately noticed the difference of improved warmth and energy efficiency in his home.

Working with local business

Change Works in Penicuik also helped businesses such as The Penicuik Community Arts Association who got an infrared heating panel and loft insulation installed in their arts café with help through Resource Efficient Scotland’s small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) loan.

Aidan Tracey, Senior Project Officer for Change Works in Penicuik, said:

“The success of Change Works in Penicuik was built upon the great response and buy-in from the Penicuik community. Households and businesses engaged with the project which resulted in the installation of a wide range of energy efficiency measures. The installation of these measures will ensure a lasting legacy of warmer homes, reduced energy costs and lower carbon emissions for the community.”


Counting the success

Over the course of the project, Change Works in Penicuik engaged with 407 households and 61 businesses and a total of £153,310 was spent on installing measures, representing 1062 tonnes of lifetime carbon savings. When the project ended, a further 57 measures were being explored by households and businesses with the potential to generate £124,825 in investment and 784 tonnes of lifetime carbon savings.