Meet the team: Iain Davies, Supplier Engagement Manager

Changeworks, Scotland’s leading environmental charity, recently launched a new innovative service that will support homeowners to make their home more energy efficient.

EcoCosi from Changeworks is a comprehensive service that provides tailored solutions, advice, and end to end support to households through the process of retrofitting their home.  

As part of the launch, we want to introduce the wider EcoCosi team to you to learn more about why they believe in retrofit, starting with Iain Davies, our Supplier Engagement Manager…

Iain Davies, Supplier Engagement Manager at Changeworks

Tell us your job title and a brief description of your role…

I’m the Supplier Engagement Manager. I’m responsible for building and maintaining a high quality network of installers to support Changeworks activities in decarbonising homes.

I’m also a touch point for the organisation across the retrofit supply chain with strategic partners, including manufacturers and skills providers.

When did you join Changeworks? 

July 2023

What is the best thing about working at Changeworks? 

Changeworks has a broad reach across the decarbonisation agenda and that has allowed relationships with many different organisations who are keen to collaborate with us in achieving our goals. I really enjoy building these relationships and putting words into meaningful action.

What does working at Changeworks mean to you? 

It means working to a strong set of values that are actively tackling the environmental breakdown our generation is experiencing. It’s also about recognising that we at Changeworks cannot do this on our own and that partnership and collaboration with other organisations is absolutely vital in achieving success.

How would you describe your colleagues? 

Changeworks is a fantastic group of diverse individuals who are both committed to an overall strategic vision, but at the same time thoughtful and not afraid to contribute to how the organisation approaches what can sometimes be thorny issues.

What makes Changeworks a unique place to work? 

The organisation is an amazing blend of expertise and knowledge which combines in an exciting way to deliver meaningful work to decarbonise our built environment – very inspiring!

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