“In the winter, I would only heat one room.”

Last year, fear of high energy bills meant Michael only put the heating on in his living room.

Find out how a recent insulation scheme has left him confident that he’ll be able to keep his whole flat warm this coming winter.

Before the project

Michael lives in a top floor flat in the Scottish Borders. Previously, the walls had no insulation, making the property difficult to heat. As Michael says:

“I could never afford to heat all this flat. In winter, I would only heat one room – the living room.”

Through word of mouth, Michael heard about an Energy Efficiency Scotland: Area Based Scheme (EES: ABS) running in his area. The project is part of the Scottish Government’s ongoing drive to make homes easier and less expensive to heat. Michael decided to sign up.

During the project

This particular project was offering Internal Wall Insulation, an effective way to insulate properties with solid (non-cavity) walls. As it involves adding a layer of insulation to a home’s interior walls, the work can be quite disruptive. However, Michael was pleased with the way the contractors conducted themselves:

“Everyone that came to my home was polite and respectful of my place and space.  I never felt intruded upon. They were nice, friendly folks that did great work.”

With the insulating, plastering, and painting all finished, Michael feels that the aesthetics of his flat have improved. He’s especially happy with the fireplace mantles and the areas around the windows.

And now…

With his flat properly insulated, Michael is feeling confident about the colder months:

“I look forward to next winter where I can be warm and not nearly as broke. And save the planet a bit.”

Asked if he’d recommend EES: ABS to others, Michael says:

“Have it done. Why not?”

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