Retrofit step 3: Electrification

Decarbonise your heating by using a carbon-free source of heating like an air source heat pump.

An air source heat pump surrounded by foliage

Electrify your heating

Before installing your new energy efficient hearting system, ensure you’ve got good insulation and proper ventilation. This will help you achieve a warmer, healthier home which requires less energy to maintain a comfortable temperature. 

The next step in your retrofit journey is to electrify the heating system. For this, you need a modern, carbon-free source of heating that is both future-proof and efficient. Most commonly this would be an air source heat pump.

Depending on your home’s construction, other options include storage heaters and infra-red heating panels. Our EcoCosi retrofit coordinators are well placed to advise you on the most efficient measures available to your home. 

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