Retrofit step 2: Ventilation

If your home is properly insulated, ensuring effective ventilation is the next important step for your retrofit. 

Extractor Fan

Proper ventilation for your home

After adding a warm layer of insulation to your home, moisture will build in the property. To avoid this, you should look to install effective ventilation to allow your home to breathe.

This is because by adding a warm insulation layer to your home, moisture from daily household activities, such as breathing, bathing, drying clothes and cooking, is now trapped inside 

By installing effective ventilation, it ensures airflow through the home to remove this excess moisture. This excess moisture could cause condensation in any cooler area of the home, which has the potential to lead to damp, mould and health problems.   

Additionally, any odours and in-door pollution, such as a gas cooker, will linger and concentrate if not ventilated properly.  

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