Retrofit step 1: Insulation

The first step of your retrofit journey is to ensure your home has proper insulation.

A contractor carrying out external wall insulation retrofit

How to make your home warmer

To be able to make the home warmer and be able to hold a warmer temperature for longer, it needs to be properly insulated.  

A properly insulated home makes it:

  • More efficient to run
  • More comfortable
  • Healthier to live in
  • Less expensive to heat as you’ll be using less energy

Changeworks’ recommended fabric first approach to retrofit looks at a deep retrofit of the insulating layer of the home.

This helps to determine the best approach and improve any existing insulation with a view to comfort, and specific to the type of construction used to build your home, as opposed to a generic, one-size fits all approach.

Draughts, cold points and edges – where heat loss tends to be greatest – get specific attention. This can include wall, roof and floor insulation, as well as windows and doors.

It’s important to also look at over-heating risk in summer months to make sure that a warm home in winter doesn’t become an unbearably hot one in warmer weather. 

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