Changeworks urge local authorities not to delay LHEES delivery plans

Environmental charity Changeworks is urging local authorities to move forward with implementing their delivery plans once they have completed their Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategy (LHEES).

Changeworks has worked with 25 local authorities over the past six years to support them through the different LHEES stages. As an expert in decarbonisation with over 35 years of experience, Changeworks is offering ongoing support to ensure activity isn’t stalled.

LHEES are key to setting out the long-term plan for decarbonising heat in buildings and improving their energy efficiency across an entire local authority area. They underpin area-based approaches to heat and energy efficiency planning and delivery, and provide a clear, evidence-based pathway of how to meet net zero targets.

In the last year, Changeworks has worked with 12 local authorities on various LHEES stages.

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Changeworks’ expert team advise and provide detailed analysis on policy and data to make sure local authorities are on track with the process and provide strategic support to facilitate delivery.

The leading environmental charity is continuing to support Councils including Aberdeen City, Angus, Moray, Shetland, Argyll & Bute, Orkney and South Lanarkshire with their LHEES, ensuring quality outputs to tackle the climate emergency.

Changeworks’ Head of Consultancy, Stephen Strachan said “Whilst it is excellent to see so many local authorities complete their LHEES, it is essential that they continue to push forward with delivery of their strategy once their plan has been published. We need to ensure that momentum isn’t lost and delivery plans are implemented.

“We have been working with and will continue to support our long-standing partners over the coming months to complete their strategies. This work will not only help to meet net zero targets, it also improves the energy efficiency of housing stock, enabling people to live in warmer homes.”

Changeworks works with partners to drive transformation in energy efficiency and to tackle fuel poverty.

Through its range of in-house services, Changeworks provides support from developing strategies to research, zoning, mapping, and stakeholder engagement, all the way through to accessing funding and delivery.

Its evidence-based, wrap-around project management and consultancy services deliver bespoke solutions to lower carbon emissions and improve the energy efficiency of homes.

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