Small changes can make a big difference

By saving energy we can lower our bills whilst doing our bit for the planet. There are lots of small changes we can make around the home, which add up to big savings.

Why save energy?

There are two main reasons for us to save energy. Firstly, it helps us keep our energy costs down. Secondly, it lowers our home’s carbon emissions, which helps tackle the climate crisis.

Reduce costs

Whether we use gas, electricity, oil, or another type of fuel, most of us will need to pay for the energy we use. We might pay for that energy upfront, or we might use the energy first and get a bill afterwards.

We’re charged for energy based on how much we use. We measure how much we use in different ways, depending on the fuel.

For example, we measure gas and electricity in kilowatt hours (kWh). The more kilowatt hours of gas or electricity we use, the more we are charged.

We measure oil and liquid petroleum gas in litres or kilograms. The more litres or kilograms we buy, the more it will cost us.

Since we’re charged by how much energy we use, using less energy will cost us less.

Lower carbon emissions

Carbon emissions are driving climate change. In order for us to avoid the worst effects of global warming, both now and in the future, we need to lower our carbon emissions. One big way we can help is by saving energy in the home.

In Scotland, most of the energy we use in our homes comes from burning fossil fuels. The most common fossil fuel is gas, but we also use oil, coal, and liquid petroleum gas (LPG). Some of our electricity also comes from burning gas.

When we burn fossil fuels for energy, they release carbon dioxide (CO2) as a by-product. This CO2 stays in the atmosphere and acts like the glass in a greenhouse, meaning the world heats up.

Using less energy in the home means we burn less fossil fuels. If we burn less fossil fuels, then we release less CO2 into the atmosphere. If we release less CO2 into the atmosphere, then we can slow down global warming.

For easy tips and tricks to save energy, visit our saving energy in the home page.

Easy ways to save energy

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to save energy in the home. Many of them don’t cost anything at all, whilst others are relatively cheap.

They could be small changes to our routine, like taking a shower instead of a bath, or not overfilling the kettle with water we don’t need.

They might be small measures like using draught-proofing strips to insulate our windows, or putting heat-reflecting foil behind our radiators.

For easy tips and tricks to save energy, visit our Saving energy in the home page. Not only will you be saving yourself money on your energy, you’ll also be helping to tackle the climate crisis.