Our strategic plan: 2022-2025

Changeworks’ strategy over the next three years is clear and simple – to decarbonise Scotland’s homes.

We already have a strong track record of installing energy efficiency measures in homes at risk of fuel poverty around Scotland, and now we plan to expand this activity and work more closely with individual homeowners.

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The Scottish Government has set a legally binding target for net zero emissions of all greenhouse gases by 2045 and an 80% reduction in emissions by 2030. This will require one million homes in Scotland to convert to low-carbon heating systems by 2030 and the energy efficiency of these and many more homes to be improved.

So the work to achieve this ambitious target must take place now.

Through sharing our expertise and knowledge we will enable and accelerate the activities of others to decarbonise Scotland’s homes.

Our strategy has five clear goals

  1. Engage - Identify and engage households across Scotland to take action to decarbonise their homes.
  2. Support - Support households to install energy efficiency and low-carbon heating systems to decarbonise their homes.
  3. Innovate - Innovate delivery models and solutions for heat and energy systems for homes.
  4. Accelerate - Accelerate decarbonisation through research, evaluation, dissemination and influencing.
  5. Grow - Grow the capacity and capability of Changeworks to rapidly scale impact.

This is our ambitious plan for how Changeworks can deliver a just transition to low-carbon homes in Scotland. By building on our significant experience and capabilities, it’s the next evolution of our leading services and programmes.

Contact our team at workwithus@changeworks.org.uk to find out how you can support our ambitions, and we can support yours.