Quality Policy

Our vision

Changeworks’ vision is for a world where everyone is able to live, work and enjoy life with a low carbon impact. We recognise climate change is the most significant threat to the environment and our way of life.

Our mission

To develop and deliver high impact solutions to make low carbon life a positive reality for everyone.

Our commitment

Changeworks will be an outstanding quality driven organisation operating as a role model. It is committed to being an exemplar and to develop and embed quality systems and processes across the organisation, with ISO 9001 central to its Quality Management System.

Changeworks will endeavour to consistently meet or exceed customers’ expectations of quality, to fully comply with all applicable requirements including legislative and client requirements whilst continually improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management

System through the setting of annual quality objectives. This will enable the organisation to:

  • Maintain an excellent reputation for tailored and effective service delivery
  • Deliver to the highest standards, creating solutions valued by its customers
  • Work closely with customers to achieve the best possible outcomes and experience, every time

How we will achieve this

Quality relies on the commitment of staff at all levels, with effective organisational support. Changeworks will continue to develop and embed quality systems and processes across the organisation to ensure key performance and compliance indicators are met, our impact is maximised, and accreditations can be achieved and maintained.

We will achieve this by:

  • Setting clear expectations of quality; ensuring managers, staff and volunteers are aware of the importance of quality and their role in delivering excellent services
  • Inspiring innovation, development and collaboration to drive improvements in projects and services to increase impact and sustainability
  • Upholding regulatory compliance including ongoing review of all relevant statutory obligations, standards and codes of practice
  • Meeting and striving to exceed agreed service levels, performance and contractual obligations
  • Integrating behaviour change best practice into development and delivery to increase our impact
  • Proactively adopting technology to improve the delivery of our services and the resilience of the organisation
  • Identifying, reporting, investigating and resolving issues, continually learning and taking action to prevent recurrence
  • Implementing and continually assessing our learning and development strategy to ensure our staff are empowered and equipped to achieve our vision and goals
  • Being an exceptional place to work where our staff and volunteers are empowered to deliver and there is a culture of continuous improvement.

Our values

This will be supported by the values which drive us:

  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Empowerment.

Updated August 2023.