Changeworks’ will provide 200 energy saving kits to help people in most need to stay warm this winter after being awarded a £2,000 grant from the E.ON Energy Action Fund.

The energy saving kits include a reflective radiator panel to reduce heat loss at home, an advice pack providing simple tips and information about safely reducing heating and electricity use at home, and thermometer cards to help residents monitor their room temperature. 

The energy saving kits will be distributed at our Heat Heroes energy saving events happening at local community groups across Edinburgh. The Heat Heroes project works with people aged 50 years of age and over who are in or at risk of fuel poverty1 and is supported by volunteers. 

Sam Mills, Head of Projects at Changeworks, said: “Our Heat Heroes are volunteers trained to provide practical, basic energy efficiency advice in the home for people who are aged 50 or over. How people use their heating systems and live within their home is one of the causes of fuel poverty2. We provide hands-on support to increase people’s understanding of using their heating and electricity more efficiently. After meeting with our Heat Heroes at events, people can put the kit to practical use in the home. We’re helping people in the local community to reduce their heating and electricity bills, avoid debt and keep their homes warm.”  

Suzanne Doxey, Community Relations Manager at E.ON, said: “We’re delighted to be able to support Changeworks with its energy saving activities and enable them to continue the great work they’ve already started with their ‘Heat Heroes’ project. 


1. The Scottish Government’s definition of fuel poverty is: A household is in fuel poverty if, in order to maintain a satisfactory heating regime, it would be required to spend more than 10% of its income (including Housing Benefit or Income Support for Mortgage Interest) on all household fuel use. Source: The Scottish Fuel Poverty Statement

2. In the past has generally been accepted that there are three causes of fuel poverty:  

  • The energy efficiency and heating systems of the home
  • Level of fuel prices and
  • Income of the household

Changeworks believes there is a fourth cause of fuel poverty:

  • How people use their heating systems and live within their home. More information.

3. Since 2013, the E.ON Energy Action Fund has given more than £80,000 to 50 community groups and charities in England, Scotland and Wales.