Josiah: “The need is great, the need is now and we are going to be the people stepping up.” 

Changeworks Chief Executive Josiah Lockhart spoke to the Scotsman this week to set out the ambitious goal at the heart of our work: decarbonising one million Scottish homes.

Earlier this year we launched our strategy for 2022-25, and refocused all of our efforts on this work to support Scotland’s transition to more energy efficient, low carbon homes.

In the article Josiah also discusses the plans for Changeworks itself to grow, doubling the size of our workforce between now and 2025.

Josiah tells the Scotsman: “In Scotland, we have one of the leakiest housing stocks in Europe, in terms of heat and carbon, but if we can make homes more efficient, we can tackle the climate crisis in a different way.”

“Whether prices come down in the next year is questionable so it looks like we are going to walk into the same fuel poverty problem next winter. But if we tackled the efficiency of those homes, we tackle fuel poverty at the same time because people will need less energy.

“Decarbonisation and tackling fuel poverty go hand in hand.”

Read the full article on the Scotsman website, and get inspired to join us on our journey.

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