Changeworks comments on Chancellor’s Spring Statement

Following the Chancellor’s Spring Statement, Changeworks is encouraged by the step taken in reducing the VAT on insulation, heat pumps, and other energy efficiency measures. This VAT cut will help people who want to go further on their journey to a decarbonised home and thereby bring down carbon emissions. 

Changeworks delivers schemes to install energy efficiency measures such as insulation and heat pumps across Scotland, and we are experts in helping householders on the journey to a truly low carbon home. 

That road is not always a quick one, with work being done in stages. We’re pleased to see the expansion of what’s eligible for the reduced VAT, and a simplification of the eligibility criteria. 

We know from our 35 years of experience that supporting householders to live in warmer, easier to heat homes is the most effective way to tackle systemic fuel poverty. In the future we need to see more being done to support low-income households to decarbonise their homes 


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