Scottish Government urged to double-down on tackling the climate and cost of living crises

The Climate Emergency Response Group (CERG), which Changeworks is a founding member of, has launched a report outlining the practical, immediate actions the Scottish Government must take now to avoid the devastating consequences of climate change on communities and livelihoods in Scotland, whilst simultaneously tackling the energy crisis.

‘Unlocking Scotland’s response to the climate emergency: Four immediate actions to fast-track delivery for the Scottish Government’ outlines the key actions CERG believes can and must be taken now to cut emissions and adapt to climate impacts.

Taking these steps will improve health and the economy, while enabling Scotland to meet agreed international and national climate goals.

People are rightly worried about the soaring cost of living crisis and these proposed actions will help by reducing energy demand, provide long term energy security, and will also help with the cost-of-living crisis by reducing energy bills, and will upskill and train people for low carbon jobs, now and in the future.

Further delay will only lead to higher costs in future, with many of those costs falling disproportionately on the vulnerable and those with low incomes.

The group believes that only immediate action by the Scottish Government, working with business, citizens and the third sector can tackle both the climate and cost of living crises.

The four actions outlined today are fundamental to ‘unlocking’ progress across all sectors to meet Scotland’s ambitious climate targets of 75% emissions reduction by 2030 and achieving net zero by 2045. The four immediate actions required are:

  • Require a ‘Net Zero Test’ for policy and investment decisions
  • Unite local and national governments in the climate emergency response
  • Accelerate the shift from cars to active, public, and shared transport in Scotland’s cities
  • Invest in advice and skills for farmers and crofters to support a just transition

The recent extreme weather experienced in Scotland, and the rest of the UK, highlights the need for ministers to build on recent positive steps already taken to tackle the climate crisis.

Much more needs to be done which is why in this year’s programme for government, CERG is calling for rapid, targeted action to unlock barriers to delivery and a shift from incremental, sector-based action to cross-cutting solutions.

For more information on the report, or to read the full report, visit the Climate Emergency Response Group website.

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