Changeworks launches new strategy: Decarbonising Homes in Scotland 

It’s an exciting time for us at Changeworks – we’ve just launched a new three-year strategy to drive the organisation forward until 2025. 

The strategy focuses Changeworks’ efforts on a single objective – to spearhead the decarbonisation of homes in Scotland. 

We will increase our impact by rapidly expanding the scale and scope of our work, developing new services to accelerate decarbonisation. We will nearly double in size by 2024/25, investing in our workforce and enabling us to deliver even more great outcomes across existing projects and new ventures. 

Teresa Bray, Changeworks Chief Executive, said: “I’m delighted to launch Changeworks’ strategy for 2022-25. It’s an ambitious plan with one clear objective – to decarbonise homes in Scotland. With Scotland’s Net Zero targets just on the horizon, and the climate emergency presenting a pressing threat, our work has never been more vital. By focusing on decarbonising homes, we are maximising our contribution to tackling the climate emergency. 

“We will decarbonise and improve the warmth of even more homes across the country over the next three years – working with great partners to make it happen.” 

Contact us at to find out how you can support our ambitions, and how we can support yours. 

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