Changeworks response to the UK Committee on Climate Change report

The UK Committee on Climate Change (CCC), the UK’s independent adviser on tackling climate change, has published its report on the progress being made toward Scotland’s emissions target – revealing that Scotland has missed key climate targets and is at risk of falling further behind.

Commenting on the report Josiah Lockhart, Changeworks Chief Executive, said: “We’re really concerned about the lack of progress laid bare in this report. Scotland set ambitious targets for achieving net zero, which was rightly applauded – but now the hard work must be done to bring these targets to fruition.”

He added “Scotland cannot be allowed to fall further behind. We want to see the Scottish Government make the delivery of net zero central to their agenda, starting with next week’s budget.

“Scotland’s housing stock is amongst the least energy efficient in Europe.

“The report is very clear that local authorities, many of whom have their own targets for cutting emissions, need better support from the Scottish Government. They need support to access the funding required to meet their targets, and we echo the CCC’s call for better collaboration between all parties.

“With the decarbonisation of Scotland’s homes central to Changeworks’ ambitious strategy, shortfalls in housing were of particular concern. Scotland’s housing stock is amongst the least energy efficient in Europe.

“The Scottish Government can act right now to put in place a transformative programme to retrofit and insulate our homes – something which would cut bills and emissions at the same time.

“Changeworks will continue to drive this forward with our funders and partners. But the Scottish Government has a massive role to play in accelerating this, and we need to see clear policies and funding to leverage the investment needed to address retrofit in the owner occupier and private rented sectors.

“Investing in energy efficiency of homes should be central to the Government’s response to the fuel poverty crisis we are currently enduring. Area-Based Schemes, Warmer Homes Scotland and the Net Zero Heat Fund can all be built on to increase the impact.

“A radical approach is undeniably needed, now more than ever. Time is running out. Changeworks is ready and able to be part of that, and the Scottish Government need to decide if they are on board.”

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