Changeworks’ response to COP28

COP28 drew to an unsatisfying close earlier this week. Tasked with agreeing on robust action to reverse climate breakdown, the Conference of the Parties failed to deliver.

While calling for a “transition away” from fossil fuels is welcome, it stops short of a dedicated commitment and plan to phase out fossil fuels.

The final agreement did commit to tripling renewable energy capacity and doubling the rate of energy efficiency improvements by 2030, both of which are to be welcomed. However, as with the wider transition away from fossil fuels, agreement on ends means little without the proper planning of means.

Changeworks’ Chief Executive, Josiah Lockhart said:

“The need to ‘transition away’ from fossil fuels is evident. It is disappointing that COP28 has not reached a consensus on targets and timelines. We cannot afford more empty rhetoric. Scotland and the rest of the world already know what has to be done. What is overdue is our leaders implementing a plan of action which ensures a fair and orderly transition to a better future for us all.”

Changeworks calls for improving the energy efficiency of homes, and electrification of heat, as some of the main solutions for both decarbonising Scotland and alleviating fuel poverty. Upgrading our housing stock in this way will bring many benefits, from creating sustainable jobs to delivering warmer and healthier homes.

As we move into 2024, Changeworks will continue urging the Scottish Government to look to its own net zero transition. In particular, we call for the delayed Climate Change Plan to deliver a robust and detailed pathway to decarbonisation.