St David's RC Primary School, winner of this year's Zero Waste Heroes competition

Zero Waste Heroes Mission HQ here with a quick update on our latest competition launch. But first, a superhero salute to last year’s winners, St David’s RC Primary School who completed the composting and food mission. Gaining the powers of Cazaz and Fizz, they brought home a stonking 10,000,000 power points!  

Our Zero Waste Heroes (ZWH) training is for eco pupils. We challenge them to change their school and community as they reduce, reuse and recycle waste. We supply them with a Power Pouch which includes all they need to get started – a spring balance to weigh waste, stickers, pens, pencils and a Power Pack of hero missions and action plans. After each mission, pupils report on their progress to HQ through the Hero Helpline or Hero email to gain points, powers, certificates and prizes for their efforts.

Last year we trained Zero Waste Heroes in 30 primary schools across Edinburgh. This year we’re running our Zero Waste Hero training again due to popular demand and providing additional support for teachers.

As well as a stash of ZWH super powers - and saving planet earth - there’s a cash prize of £200 for the school who gains the most power points. We’ll be holding a Super Hero event to celebrate participants and winners in June. There’s more. We’ll also judge our What Rot composting competition and Finish your Food with Mr Silly Sausage initiative. A delegation from each school will be invited to come in super hero costumes made from rubbish.

To book your Zero Waste Heroes training, enter the competition, take real steps to reduce waste and move towards your next Eco Schools Green Flagemail our waste education team. We have limited spaces for our ZWH competition, so book early to avoid disappointment!

Check out our wesite to see what else we offer to schools. All our education initiatives are free thanks to funding from the City of Edinburgh Council.

- Emily (on behalf of Mission HQ) 

You can follow Emily’s adventures on twitter @auntyemily