It's the new internet sensation. Well, we're getting there. Hundreds of people have logged on to see what they could save with Scotland's first collective energy switching project, Scots Together.

Here's what some of them said:

"I just switched today and saved £110! I think it's absolutely fantastic - putting the control back in our hands." - Caroline, Leith

"We're going to save £70 - and I already switched less than 12 months ago!" - Jamie, Bellevue

"I took part in Scots Together and I can save at least £123 per year if I switch!" - Marie, Broughton

"This really works! It only took me 5 mins online with my last energy bill and I saved nearly £200 switching to a greener tariff." - David, Edinburgh

"Switching was easy once I’d found my bills.  I’m saving £152, I’m not a high energy user but I had two different suppliers.  It is great to be able to combine our buying power." - Teresa, Edinburgh

"We should save £74 a year and this has inspired us to check regularly as switching was no hassle at all!" - Colin, Midlothian

“I saved about £90 a year on my bills, along with a one off bonus of £40!  I switched a couple of years ago so I didn’t think I would save much. Hopefully I’ll get another tenner if enough people switch too!  It was dead easy – the trickiest bit was finding my last annual gas bill to find out how much I was using!" - Alex, Edinburgh

Don't miss out - you've got til 17 March to switch.

Get together. Save Money. Pass it on. And when you've saved you might feel a sense of elation, like our friends at KEO Digital who made this Harlem Shake viral video for us:

So, What have you got to lose? We don't think anyone should have to pay more than they need to for gas and electricity (or anything for that matter, but that's probably another blog) so we're hoping that many more of you will visit and get a better deal on energy. Only 20 days to go before the offer expires!

We've secured a great deal and the more people that sign up, the better the deal is! It's easy. It's also free to take part and it's a no-obligation process, meaning you can compare the deal with your current tariff before you decide to switch. Go forth and save money!