In the third stage of your retrofit journey, we’ll ensure that the work is completed to the correct quality standards. We’ll also advise on getting the most from your newly improved, energy efficient home.

Men on an orange tiled rood installing solar panels.

From now on, it’s our job to support you throughout the retrofit installation itself, and to ensure a satisfactory result.

This part of the service includes Quality Assurance and Post-Installation support.

Once work begins, we’ll be on hand to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Your appointed Retrofit Coordinator will set up face-to-face progress meetings with you (either in person or online) at key stages throughout the works, as well as check in via the phone.

As an impartial advisor, your Retrofit Coordinator will assess the suitability of the contractor’s specific design and specification for installation of measure/s. As part of this, they will take into consideration a measure’s suitability to meeting your objectives.

Whilst we anticipate a smooth process, we are aware that issues with contractors can arise. If this happens, your Retrofit Coordinator will be on hand to provide support and dispute resolution.

Contractor setting up an air source heat pump

Quality Assurance

With work now underway, the Quality Assurance (QA) process is essential for providing peace of mind. Our expert QA team inspects the work both as it is carried out and when it’s finished. This guarantees that all works meet the agreed specification.

As well as checking the quality of the work, we’ll make sure that there’s an effective handover at completion. That means you be able to confidently use your new equipment and keep track of maintenance requirements.


Our service doesn’t end when the work has been completed. We will make sure your new systems are fully commissioned and that you have a thorough working knowledge of all the measures that have been installed.

Finally, we offer after-care coverage. We’ll also provide you with sensor data to show how the retrofit has improved the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

What retrofit measures can I get?

Transformation FAQs

This will be a calculated, fixed fee, based on the measures and scale of works.

£1,750+VAT for projects up to £20,999.

£1,750 + £100 per £1,000 installation cost + VAT for projects above £20,999.

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