Find out more about wall insulation, ground and more.

Insulating our homes is the number one action we can take to stop them losing heat. Better insulated homes also mean lower carbon emissions. This is key to tackling the climate  emergency.

Around 20% of the UK’s carbon emissions come from our homes. Our poorly insulated buildings mean that much of the warmth from our heating systems escapes through the walls, the roof, and the floor. To try stay warm, we keep our heating on for longer, costing both ourselves and the planet.

Insulation is also an important first step if you’re thinking about installing renewable technology, like solar panels or an air source heat pump. To get the most out of any renewable system, you need to first make sure the fabric of your home is as energy-tight as possible.

From insulating the outside of your house, to putting insulation under the floorboards, we’ve put together a guide to help you on your way:
–       Wall insulation
–       Loft insulation/room in roof insulation
–       Floor insulation

If you’re looking for grants or funding options for insulation, check out our Insulation Grants in Scotland page.