Step-by-step guide to Energy Efficient Scotland: Area Based Schemes

Row of blue solar panels on orange roof.

Over the last 12 years, Changeworks has supported thousands of householders across Scotland to install energy efficiency measures such as air source heat pumps, wall insulation and solar panels.

The Energy Efficient Scotland: Area Based Schemes process involves a small number of parties and steps to ensure your home is fitted with the correct energy efficient technology so that you can start saving energy and money from the moment it is installed.

From an initial site visit, through to funding help and a post-installation survey, we’ve laid out the step-by-step process below so you know what to expect.

Step-by-step guide

Changeworks identifies householders that may be eligible to receive the funding. We promote this funding using post, social media, and local publications.

Householders and private landlords register their interest by completing our online form.

Changeworks assesses householder information and refers to the appointed contractor if eligible.

The Contractor will carry out a technical survey of the property.

After the technical survey has taken place, the Contractor will advise which energy efficiency measures are suitable for the home. They will also advise how much funding is available toward these and if there is a householder contribution required. The householder then decides if they want to take part in the project. If they do, the Contractor issues a contract to the householder to sign.

The householder then completes a pre-installation survey as part of the conditions of receiving the grant funding from Scottish government.

When completing the pre-installation survey, there may be an option to take part in additional monitoring. This monitoring does not take place on every project, but where it does and when householder agrees, it records the temperature and humidity of the home over the course of 12 months and will help us see the impact of the insulation.

The Contractor agrees a date to start work with the householder.

Installation takes place and Changeworks commences quality assurance activity across the project.

The householder completes an online post-installation monitoring and evaluation survey.

The householder will receive a handover pack from the contractor.

Home Energy Scotland may contact householders to give advice on how to make the most of the new energy efficiency measures.

The Householder completes a follow up survey around 6-12 months after installation is complete. The survey asked for feedback on the comfort of the home and the impact on energy bill since the work was completed.

Depending on your local authority and eligibilty, there are a number of energy efficiency measures you could have installed at your home.