Impact report 2021/22

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Changeworks has been leading the way in delivering high impact solutions for low-carbon living for over 35 years.

We do this in many ways, including providing energy advice, creating more energy efficient houses, and leading the way in renewable and low carbon technologies.

Throughout 2021/22 our work has never been more important, with energy prices, fuel security and the climate crisis on the top of the agenda, and the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic still being felt. These issues have meant a bigger demand on our services, and more people reaching out to seek advice and support on how to reduce their fuel bills.

Depsite this we’ve been able to help more people and achieve bigger overall bill savings. We’ve also worked with 1,900 organisations to create warmer, drier homes that require less energy to heat and to support people with energy advice all across the country.

All that adds up to over 245,000 tonnes of CO2e (Carbon Dioxcide equivalent) saved and £1.86million of savings for the people we worked with, surpassing our targets.




Insulating homes to keep the heat in

We worked with local authorities, social landlords and private householders to install almost 3,600 insulation measures. That’s 700 more than in 2020/21, reaching even more householders.

Cutting emissions with renewable technology

Throughout 2021/22, we installed over 900 low carbon and renewable technologies in homes – 200 more than 2020/21. That means we’ve installed over 3,500 measures since 2018.

An established legacy of warmer homes

Changeworks makes an impact on Scottish communities through energy advice, working to make homes more energy efficient and installing innovative low carbon technologies. This is done alongside partners such as City of Edinburgh Council and Cairn Housing Association ensuring a positive result for their tenants.

Expertise in engagement

At Changeworks we are experts in engaging with householders. We know that making improvements to the fabric of a home, or installing a low carbon system, can only work to its full potential if the person in that home is equipped with the skills and knowledge to manage it.

Tackling the cost of living crisis

Our energy advice services were busier than ever in 2021/22, and our team rose to the challenge. In the face of this challenging environment we achieved £1.86 million of financial savings for householders – £750,000 above target.

Big savings for those in need

Depsite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic our Affordable Warmth Services team saved almost £662,000 for the people they worked with – 220% above target.

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