Joanna Long

Name: Joanna Long

Job title and brief description of role: Senior Impact Evaluation Consultant. I design and oversee the delivery of projects evidencing the real-world impacts of energy efficiency improvements.

How long have you worked at Changeworks? I joined Changeworks in October 2021.

What is the best thing about working at Changeworks? Working on projects that directly address the climate emergency.

What has been the highlight of your time Changeworks? My highlight has been growing the Impact Evaluation team itself and our tight working relationship with the Project Management team.

How would you describe your colleagues? My colleagues are a funny, caring and driven bunch of people. They motivate and inspire me, but also keep my feet on the ground.

What makes Changeworks a unique place to work? Staff are truly empowered in their roles while also being supported. I feel I’ve been able to achieve a lot in a short time because I could just get on with things, knowing that my colleagues and managers were there whenever I needed them.